Phentermine Alternative

Today I want to introduce you phentermine alternative tablets Phen375. Back in 2002-2005 hundreds of millions of phentermine tablets were dispensed worldwide, Phentermine was the No1 weight loss supplement with millions of packages sold and transported illegally. In 2005 the common price of phentermine was around $80-$90 for a 30 pills. Phentermine replacement Phen375 have much lower price.

In 2009 prices were around $350 transported from India and China in plastic bags and usually didn’t have any kind of stimulant appetite suppressant ingredients included – contrary to Phen375  phentermine alternative with the proven and effective appetite suppressant substances like 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine.

The reason for the high Phentermine price and illegal offshore shipping is because of crackdown by the DEA back in 2005 when 100′s of well known online pharmacies were closed down because of the illegal buy Phentermine without prescriptions adequate doctor’s.

After the closure of numerous online pharmacies phentermine users became desperate because of great results achieved by phentermine and desiring to continue with such great weight loss results. Phentermine consumers resorted to buy cheap Phentermine or weak diet supplements with caffeine.

In the same time, RDK pharmaceuticals had been testing different substances with the same effects as phentermine, but without nasty side effects. After all of RDK research completed and four new chemical ingredients already lined up in a FDA approved laboratory in California production of Phen375 (also known as Phentermine) started in February 2009.

Phen375′s main active ingredient is 1-3 dimethylpentylamine which is replacement for the phentermine’s main active ingredient dimethylphenylethylamine.

This very efficient ingredient which is 100% legal is combined with other powerful ingredients which are together the most powerful legal fat burner available in the market today. The other Phen375 ingredients are:

Trimethylxanthine which acts as an amplifier for the dimethylpentylamine increasing the fat burning power to it’s full strength and resulting in great weight loss results in a pretty short period

L-carnitine imitate the Human chorionic gonadotropin hCG  which aids transport long-chain fatty acids i.e. helps release of stored body fat and triglycerides into the bloodstream for energy.

LongJack Tongkate ALI helps to build more muscle.

Capsaicin improves blood flow and has thermogenic effect which allows you to burn up to 270 calories more every day.

With the such powerful combination of ingredients in Phen375 users can expect to see the following results:

  • Really fast weight loss and fat burning
  • Appetite suppression and a killing of snack cravings
  • Losing around 25lbs in 6 weeks
  • More strength and more alert feeling
  • Lower cholesterol levels

Phen375 is really excellent phentermine replacement. Phen375  is very safe, effective and 100% legal. Most people who order Phentermine online tend to carry on with the program until their perfect weight is achieved.  This could be anything from 10lbs of fat to up to 100lbs for the extremely obese people.  As a best phentermine alternative Phen375 will help you to lose weight healthy and as fast as possible.