Phentermine vs Orlistat

Phentermine and Orlistat are two most popular medications for obesity treatment. These medications are fully different by the pharmacological properties and are used in treatment of one serious disease and help to lose overweight in different way.

It’s difficult to compare efficacy of these drugs because they are individual by different pharmacological properties, and affect human body in different way as well. But most of people who decide to start use diet pills are confused to choose the most effective drug, so, let’s try to define what drug is better, Phentermine or Orlistat.

Let’s start from the next characteristic. Both drugs are used in different stages of obesity. If Orlistat is often used in mild and average forms of obesity, when a body weight index is from 25 to 35, but Phentermine is indicated when a body weight index is from 35 and above.

It is an advantage of Phentermine as this drug is capable to reduce overweight while other medications do not provide the required pharmacological action.

This distinction is explained by different components contained in the drugs.

Orlistat is a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. Its main pharmacological action is observed in the gastrointestinal tract. This drug excretes most organic and vegetative fats from an organism, and they are not deposited as fatty tissues.

Orlistat does not affect an appetite and does not suppress a desire to eat. The drug provides the pharmacological effect only in the digestive system, and it is considered safe, we will talk about it a bit later.

Phentermine provides an opposite pharmacological action. Active drug components do not affect the digestive system and fat absorption in the organism. However, Phentermine actively suppresses a person’ need in food.

The pharmacological drug action increases production of two substances in the brain, serotonin and noradrenaline, inhibiting hunger impulses. As a result, a person is not hungry and controls growing thin process.

An advantage of the pharmacological action of Phentermine is a fast effect. If you have to lose weight quickly and safely, and you do not have any contra-indications to Phentermine application, so this drug is for you.

This difference between two medications helps to choose easily a remedy to grow thin and to start using pills. As Phentermine affects the central nervous system and brain functions, this drug is not recommended in serious mental disorders.

Taking Orlistat, a person should realize a necessity of a strict diet. As an appetite is not suppressed during this drug use, it is impossible to grow thin without keeping to a diet. It causes some inconveniences, so Phentermine is easy to use as at no special diets are required.

With high-calorific and fat food, the pharmacological action of Orlistat is nearly observed and even in one year of drug use, you can see no results of the treatment. Usually, the treatment course with Orlistat lasts for 12-18 months.

Duration of Phentermine use lasts for 3 months. This drug works 4-5 times faster than Orlistat and overweight patients feel better and more comfortable faster. But there are serious obesity forms when the treatment course with Phentermine should be repeated.

Phentermine concedes to Orlistat by pharmacological safety because of many contra-indications to drug application. In correct application of these medications, any side-effects are not observed. It has been proved during numerous clinical researches of both medications.

Sometimes in cases of self-treatment with Phentermine or Orlistat, without observing all safety measures, side-effects are possible.

Side-effects of cheap Phentermine are more often observed in the central nervous system, while Orlistat side-effects affect the digestive system. Therefore, it is impossible to declare that this or that drug is safer.

Before obesity treatment, a consultation with the doctor is always recommended. Once the doctor defined your body weight index and obesity reasons, and all contra-indications of your organism, he would prescribe diet pills and you can take the drug for obesity treatment. You can be sure that they will help you to grow thin quickly.

Certainly, if a person decides to lose bodyweight, he wants to do it as soon as possible, so Phentermine is the best decision which can be indicated in serious disease forms.

Overweight is a disease to get rid with the most effective and strong methods, otherwise you will not see any results of treatment.