Phentermine Without Prescription

Phentermine is one of the most popular weight loss drugs approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) back in 1959. As soon as this weight loss supplement had been approved, it was claimed that Phentermine was to be taken provided it was prescribed by a qualified doctor. It helps people with BMI (Body Mass Index) higher than 28 lose weight smoothly.

Phentermine works by reducing your appetite, it happens because Phentermine affects hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for the feeling of hunger. While influencing hypothalamus Phentermine also increases the blood pressure, which as a result makes a person feel more energetic.

Consequently a dieter taking Phentermine starts eating less, but moving more. Thus, he decreases the calorie intake and burn fat already stored. However, Phentermine online is not just a weight loss treatment; it is a weight loss supplement. It is usually prescribed to those dieters who have already tried to lose weight using a behavioral approach that is changing diet habits and increasing physical activity. If these methods did not work, Phentermine is added as a weight loss supplement to help you start the process.

It is the combination of a new healthier diet, regular exercise and Phentermine which gives positive results and take most obese people to their new healthy and fit bodies. Phentermine is considered to be a short – term treatment; it is not to be taken longer than prescribed by a doctor. Weight is more likely to be regained after you stop taking it provided you do not follow the behavioral approach described above. Before you decide to start taking Phentermine, you should apply to your doctor or any other weight loss physician center. Based on your health history and drugs you are already taking, they will elaborate a special regiment which will include the dosage, new diet and exercises based on your unique needs.

Important Precautions

Phentermine is a safe medication, however, as any other drug it has some side effects and precautions. The most common side effects are increased blood pressure, headache, dry mouth, insomnia. But the most dangerous side effect is its ability to get dieters become addicted to it since it is related to amphetamines. To be sure Phentermine is healthy and makes no harm to your body it is to be taken during 3-6 weeks period, not longer. However, some people who are taking phentermine no rx and a doctor’s observe, increase this period of time, which leads them to becoming addicted to it. This is the reason why Phentermine should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription.

Taking into consideration that taking Phentermine without prescription can become dangerous for a dieter’s health, the DEA (Drug and Enforcement Agency) has outlawed prescribing Phentermine only by a dieter’s request. If you come to thinking if it is possible to obtain phentermine without prescription, ‘yes’ will be the answer. But you should take into consideration that it is not possible to buy phentermine without prescription at pharmacies. The only place where you can buy cheap phentermine is from online pharmacies, but you should mind that this is against the law. A few websites offer on-line consultations and as a result a ‘legitimate’ Phentermine prescription is issued.

However this type of an online consultation and prescription can not be considerate legitimate since it is only the doctor who has legal medical relationship with you has a right to prescribe this weight loss drug. It is easy to buy phentermine no prescription at online pharmacies, but it is your health you should first take care about. You never know how professional the doctor behind the screen is. If you want to lose a few pounds and have a nicer body, Phentermine can be the best solution, however Phentermine is more likely to become a serious problem, therefore we highly recommend to think it over thoroughly.